Real Payday Loan Help In North Dakota Is Here!

In researching the highest default rate on payday loans North Dakota came is on top last year with a 46% failure.

According to the Center for Responsible Lending’s report released for 2015 Noth Dakot5a comes in on top of their list.

We here at “Help With payday Loan Debt” thought we better get the word out that real payday loan help is available today to those in North Dakota and any other state in the USA!

Take a look at the results of our research and also see how if you are in need of payday loan help you can get it with a simple click of your mouse or by making a toll-free phone call and get yourself off any and all payday loan default lists!

The Research Results

We find it very disturbing that almost half of all the people in North Dakota who took out a payday loan ended up defaulting on it in 2015.

Of the 46 percent, the report also states that over half of those defaulted on more than one payday loan.

Because of all the loopholes in the laws regarding these types of loans, most of them put there by the loan companies themselves through lobbying and huge political donations that buy influence, we now have a serious problem that is facing people who are barely making ends meet in the first place, and many of these people are taking drastic measures to try to satisfy these loans including bankruptcy, pawing and selling their belongings and selling their houses and other property they may own.

We understand people need to survive and many of these defaulted loans were taken out with the best intent and for legitimate reasons but this type of borrowing comes with an unwritten set of rules that a person should be aware of and have access to when taking out one of these short-term high-interest loans.

You can check out our guide for using payday loans here: How To Use Payday Loans

We wish all payday loan lenders would include a guide on how to use their product safely but to date, they do just the opposite.


While being on the list of defaulted payday loans is not where any of us want to be the truth of the matter is some of us are indeed on that list and are struggling with payday loan collectors.

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