State Of Washington Payday Loan Laws

The state of Washington payday loan laws for the general public and the military are different.

Lets take a look at the public’s rules first.

The maximum time allowed for a payday loan is 45 days, and the loan cap is $700.00 There is no limit on roll overs or how many loans a person may have at one time.

One must be very careful not to get caught in the payday loan trap by having more payments then they can afford.

Interest rates in Washington state are 15% up to $500.00 and 10% of the principal in excess of $500.00. This can lead to huge APR’s.

In order to avoid huge interest and fee charges when using payday loan services, you must understand how they work.

They are set up as one time emergency loans and when taking one out only take out what you need and can pay back in full on the first due date. This is the only way to avoid incredible fees and interest.

Now lets take a look at military members. Payday loan companies are not allowed to:

  • Garnishing a military borrower’s wages
  • Contacting the borrower’s chain of command in an effort to collect on a delinquent loan; and
  • Make a loan to a person that the licensee knows is a military borrower from a location that a military base commander has notified the licensee in writing is designated off-limits to military personnel
  • May not collect against a military borrower who has been deployed to a combat or combat support post for the duration of the posting
  • Must honor the terms of any repayment agreement negotiated between the borrower and lender, or through military counselors or third party credit counselor on behalf of the military borrower

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Remember, always read the fine print when borrowing money, and never borrow more than you can pay back!