Payday Loan Laws in New Hampshire State

The payday loan laws of new Hampshire state are better than many states when it comes to protecting the borrower.

It still leave much to be desired in keeping the borrower from acquiring out of control payday loan debt.

Payday loans are legal in New Hampshire and are regulated under thew small loans laws of the state.

You may take out payday loans from 7 to 30 days in length, and there is a $500.00 limit on each individual loan amount.

While the state of New Hampshire does not allow payday lenders to charge any fees for payday loans, they have no interest cap.This negates any good to the borrower as interest may be whatever the lender and borrower agree upon.

This is the first step to major payday loan debt. The second is no limits on how may loans you may take out at one time. You may find yourself taking out payday loans to pay payday loans, and this payday loan trap is hard to escape from.

This state has many ways that can lead the borrower down the road to too much payday loan debt and no way to keep up.

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We hope this information on payday loan laws in New Hampshire will help you in making wise decisions when thinking of doing business with these loan companies.

Remember, the only way to use payday loans is to pay off your loan on the first due date in full!