State of Utah Payday Loan Laws

The state of Utah payday loan laws are authorized by the state of Utah making payday loan companies able to do business legally in this state.

The laws are simple and too the point. Since there is really only one law, let me start with that.

Utah has limits on how much interest the payday loan company can charge on any judgments against defaulted borrowers.

How nice of them to watch out for us poor people. That is it as far as the laws go with these companies.

Lets take a look at what Utah allows and how it can trap you in the payday loan trap.

Utah allows no limits on the length, amount or roll overs of payday loans. Such a crazy practice that can lead to mega profits for the companies, and bankruptcy for the borrowers.

This state also has no limits on how much interest can be charged, or how much fees will cost. Pretty much an open season on the borrower. This leads to huge rates and APR’s and many times to multiple loans to cover loans, and default.

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